Extra revenue generating activities are officially allowed in Japan since 2018

Recently the Japanese government encouraged companies to allow their employees to make money on the side. Most of them have banned workers doing side work while they guaranteed that all of the employees could stay with their job throughout their working life.

Quitting and changing job hasn’t been seen as positive behaviour in Japan. If you have changed your job many times, you will not be high-profiled.

It was not easy to find a good job after quitting a job, even now it’s not straightforward, because it’s not a common event. When people get the first job, they are supposed to be going to work until their retirement. So there are not many job vacancies for ‘drop-out’ people.

Unfortunately, they won’t continue this policy anymore. Japanese companies cannot survive to have low-ability workers who take decent salaries.

Now they realized that they have to give up their lifetime-employment policy, they don’t have any written contracts, though. Employers started allowing workers to have a side business and hope that they can make their living even when they get thrown away by the company.

Even they are recommended to have another job, they don’t always know how to make money efficiently. Some people start working at convenience stores, others start an online business or investment real estate. As a result, some of them end up doing overwork, getting exhausted physically and mentally.