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Language and Identity

Two days ago I received a comment on one of my Japanese blogs (not Medium) from a Japanese lady who has lived for more t...

A Looming City

I was waiting for a bus and it happened

There are no Ugly Waiters in Hong Kong

The Chinese word “小姐(xiao jie)” is one of the most frequently used words in everyday conversation and you must learn it ...

The situation in Hong Kong not so bad, maybe during weekdays: our short trip to Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. The biggest concern was around the ongoing Hong Kong protests which have been going o...

Hong Kong Trip with my Mother from Japan

I am planning to go to Hong Kong with my mother. Yesterday I asked her how much money she was going to take. She said th...

Travel from Japan to Hong Kong after the Super Typhoon

I am going to Hong Kong tomorrow. The situation there is a bit tricky at this moment, but I need to go to update my Hong...