What is Cryptocurrency?

"What is cryptocurrency?" "Do you really understand it?" One of our neighbours、"T" asked me the question the other d...

How can we live after we lose the fear of death? — Love and Creativity

My mother in law lives in England. She is 89 and still in good shape. One of her best friends had a double knee replacem...

A review of Fizz: Unlimited Internet in Montreal, Canada

We cancelled our home internet before we left Canada for our trip to Asia last month.  After we came back, we installed ...

The Life without Internet: We Cancelled Home Internet with Bell Canada

Last month, we cancelled the contract of the internet for our apartment in Montreal with one of the major telecommunicat...
Blogging and Marketing

Why should we try Audio Content as an Online Marketer and how to create and provide your audio content

I have been blogging for years in Japanese, which is my primary language. Japanese is not the major language in the Inte...
Blogging and Marketing

I seem to have earned on Brave, but my withdraw will be put on hold

The browser Brave was officially released recently. I started using Brave a few months ago and switched to it as my main...
Blogging and Marketing

Tumblr doesn’t Work with Google Adsense Anymore, How to monetise Tumblr blogs in 2020

Tumblr is a smart platform for blogging, but it is not very straightforward if you are seeking to make money from it. I ...

Why aren’t Medium and Patreon popular among Japanese? What is the most powerful social media in Japan?

I started writing on Medium in both English and Japanese in March 2019.
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