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I started writing on Substack

Where to write, where to read, that is the question. I've always loved writing. I've never been able to separate wri...

This is how we flew back to Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic : Self-Isolation Day 2

The Quebec government require travellers returning from outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days after their arriva...

Things you can do to avoid infection from Covid-19 when you take flights

As I am writing this, more and more countries seem to start thinking about closing their borders. However, some people, ...

Things we can do not to get infected with coronavirus (COVID-19): writing from Japan

I came back to Japan at the end of February to see my family. Since I am a freelance writer, I’m sitting in the lounge o...

Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Japan: what’s happening now

I arrived in Japan on 27th Feb. 2019. I flew from Montreal, Canada, via Chicago, the U.S. The flight from Chicago to Tok...

Can my flight to Japan possibly be cancelled because of coronavirus?

I am going to Japan next week. At one point I had thought about cancelling my flight, but I am now thinking that I will ...

Coronavirus and Racism: Behind the Story

There is something that I didn't write in the previous story. When my mum called me for the second time about cor...

Coronavirus – Should I cancel my flight to Japan this month?

My flight is scheduled for the 26th of February 2020, and I am planning to stay in Japan with my family for three weeks....
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How do you say “What is this?” in Japanese?

“What is this?” in Japanese is “これはなんですか?Kore wa nan desuka?” It’s not very difficult to remember and is very practic...
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How do you say “Hello” or “Hi” in Japanese?

When you start learning Japanese, you might first want to know how to say “Hello” in Japanese. “Hello” in Japanese can b...
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How do you say “I’m hungry” in Japanese? The meaning of “おなかすいた(お腹空いた)Onaka Suita” and how to use it

There are lots of restaurants and cafes in Japan. When you go out with your Japanese friends, sometimes you may want to ...
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How do you say Delicious in Japanese? What does “おいしいOishii” mean, and How to use.

We had lots of delicious food in Japan. If you are a food lover, Japan is the right place to be. In Japanese, “delicious...
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How to say ‘See you again’ or ‘Goodbye’ in Japanese? and What does ‘Sayonara’ mean?

In some Japanese phrasebooks “Sayonara” is introduced as ‘Good-bye’. It is not wrong, but Sayonara is not really an ever...
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How do you say ‘Sorry I don’t understand Japanese’ in Japanese?

There are not many Japanese people who can speak English in Japan. So when you are in Japan, you are likely to be talked...
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What does ‘Sugoi すごい’ mean?— Pronunciation and How to Use it

‘Sugoi すごい’ is another killer Japanese word which is used in everyday conversation. Its meaning can be quite varied, and...
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How do you say ‘Thank You’ in Japanese? — Meaning of ‘Arigatouありがとう’ and Pronunciation

You may have heard of this phrase, ‘ありがとうArigatou’ which means “Thank you”. It is one of the most important phrases.
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How do you say ‘I want to kiss you’ in Japanese?

I am not sure how often you have to get verbal permission to kiss somebody, but it is good to remember this phrase.
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What does ‘Onegaishimasu おねがいします’ mean?— when do we use it?

We talked about ‘おねがいします Onegaishimasu’ last time with it meaning ‘please’, but its meanings are not only ‘please’. T...
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