I published another book in English: Weird Thoughts about Creativity

I’ve just published my third ebook in English on Amazon. Since I started writing in English in 2019, I tried to write ab...

My favourite photo on the wall

My favourite photo on the wall which makes me smile every time I look up at it, where we never get old anymore. A piece ...

A night in “Insomnia”

If cannot sleep, Go to "insomnia" which is in the middle of the slope. He will ask, What do you wanna drink? I will say,...
Learn Japanese

How do you say ‘I want to kiss you’ in Japanese?

I am not sure how often you have to get verbal permission to kiss somebody, but it is good to remember this phrase.

A body in the well

I looked down in the well Where I cannot see the bottom Where you are sleeping

An Individual Box – writing prompt: A Box

I didn't know who had bought it, but there was a book written by a famous Japanese actress on my bookshelf when I was li...

A Voice – a poem

I cannot hear your voice who is sleeping at the bottom of the water as calmly as the breaths of jasmine I'm like a small...

My Favourite Sound when Sleeping

The sound of the sea, The wave that is coming and going, Randomly, repeatedly, Which washes out my mind.

You always forget what you have in your pockets

You always forget what you have in your pockets, because you have a lot of deep pockets. Tissue, coins, receipts, and cl...

罠 — A Trap

there were lips, which don’t belong to me, A ripped apple, just before rotten