My Favourite Sound when Sleeping

sunset cloud

The sound of the sea,
The wave that is coming and going,
Randomly, repeatedly,
Which washes out my mind.

A roaring sound of a plane,
The collaboration of air pressure and engine,
The vibration in your stomach which you cannot escape from,
Even when you cover your ears,

The sound of rain,
Never-ending gentle pouring rain,
A sudden shower in the tropics,
Stormy rain, misty rain,
The familiar sound of liquid that you used to listen to in the womb.

The sound of trees,
Their whispers caused by an invisible wind,
Capricious botanical voices,
Which are defined by species or shapes of the leaves.

The sound of typing,
Percussion by your thin fingers,
softly touching the keyboard,
Peacefully and constantly, tap tap tap tap…

The sound of weaving words,
Which brings me relief and content,
Because I know you are there.