Do the Japanese like eating meat?

They say Chinese people eat everything with four legs but tables, and everything with two legs but aeroplanes. This is ...

Does everyone have a sharp knife in Japan?

“I understand your frustration, it’s because we came from the country of Samurai !” said Saori, one of my Japanese frie...

Are things Expensive in Japan?

At the end of the 1980s, the growth of the Japanese economy reached its peak. Executive golf courses, luxury brand ...
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How do you say “What is this?” in Japanese?

“What is this?” in Japanese is “これはなんですか?Kore wa nan desuka?” It’s not very difficult to remember and is very practic...

3 Reasons why I do NOT think Japanese Food is Healthy

I am glad to know that some people consider Japanese food as a healthy diet. However, I cannot always agree with that. ...

Is it easy to find gluten-free food and restaurants in Japan?

I was asked from one of my friends whose niece has a serious gluten allergy, and she was planning to go to Japan. My fri...
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