The Reason for Wanting to Marry a High-Grade Man

I was once offered a job to edit an ebook on something like “How to marry a man who earns 10 million yen a year”. I...

Backstrap Weaving and Japanese Old Story

In the mountainous of South East Asia, there are ethnic minorities who only wear items dyed with specific dyes. Because...
Mar 26, 2022

Why do Japanese people want to be white?

"Why do Japanese want to be white?" My boyfriend asked me at dinner yesterday. He said that there was a session abou...
Blogging and Marketing

Why do Japanese people call social media “SNS (Social networking service)”?

In Japanese, the term “SNS” is used to describe services such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which are called ...

Do you know Emoji is originally Japanese? – There is also “Kaomoji” in Japanese writings

Emojis have been used on mobile phones and more recently on computers as well, but did you know that they originate...
Japanese Reading

Japanese Reading: 東京(とうきょう)オリンピック2020 Tokyo Olympics 2020 with Covid-19

The Tokyo Olympics are going on now. It was planned to be held in 2020, but it was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemi...

People don’t want to get vaccinated. How does the Japanese government deal with this problem?

Several countries are struggling to encourage people to get vaccinated and Japan is no exception. While the Japanese go...
Jan 29, 2022

Tokyo Olympics 2020 with Covid-19

Although I am not a sports fan, I watch some games when they have the Olympics. However, I was against having the Tokyo ...

“Sukiyaki (Japanese title: Ue wo muite arukou - 1962) by Kyu Sakamoto

One of the things that I have missed about Japan after moving outside of Japan in 2003 are Japanese songs. I don’t have...
Mar 23, 2022

I got vaccinated in Quebec, Canada, but when will my parent’s vaccination happen in Japan?

My boyfriend and I went to get our Covid-19 vaccination yesterday. At noon of the day before yesterday, the Quebec gover...

This is how we flew back to Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic : Self-Isolation Day 2

The Quebec government require travellers returning from outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days after their arriva...

Things we can do not to get infected with coronavirus (COVID-19): writing from Japan

I came back to Japan at the end of February to see my family. Since I am a freelance writer, I’m sitting in the lounge o...

Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Japan: what’s happening now

I arrived in Japan on 27th Feb. 2019. I flew from Montreal, Canada, via Chicago, the U.S. The flight from Chicago to Tok...

Can my flight to Japan possibly be cancelled because of coronavirus?

I am going to Japan next week. At one point I had thought about cancelling my flight, but I am now thinking that I will ...

Coronavirus and Racism: Behind the Story

There is something that I didn't write in the previous story. When my mum called me for the second time about cor...

Coronavirus – Should I cancel my flight to Japan this month?

My flight is scheduled for the 26th of February 2020, and I am planning to stay in Japan with my family for three weeks....

Until what age are Japanese people going to work?

Since my parents live in the Kansai region of Japan, I use the Kansai International Airport or Osaka (Itami) Airport whe...

I had an Abortion in Quebec, Canada — the Difference from Japan

I recently had an abortion in Montreal, Canada. You may wonder why I have to write about this. People are not very open ...
Feb 11, 2022
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