A road to the snake tree: a poem

Do you know the snake tree?

It used to be the bottom of the river, which is dried out in every dry season. It will be filled up with water when it’s rainy season.

Do you know where the snake tree is?

We walked for hours and finally met a lady who knew where it was.
It looked like a piece of nowhere to visitors, but local people know where to go.

It was the bottom of the river. We can walk only when it’s dry, and the road we have walked will be washed out when the next wet season comes.

Do you know the snake tree?

The road may not be seen in front of you, but do not worry. The snake tree is existing.

It may look like a piece of nowhere, and you may not be sure where to go, but do not worry. There will be a road after you have walked.

A road to the snake tree