How do you say ‘I want to kiss you’ in Japanese?

I am not sure how often you have to get verbal permission to kiss somebody, but it is good to remember this phrase.

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Japanese pronunciation of “Kiss”

How do you say ‘I want to kiss you’ in Japanese?

‘Kiss’ is ‘キスKisu’ in Japanese which is pronounced ‘Ki-su’ in two syllables. You just need to add a vowel “u”, after ‘kiss’ in English. It’s easy to remember.

How do you say “Kiss me!” in Japanese

‘キスKisu’ is a noun in Japanese. If you want to say, “Kiss me!” you can say, “キスしてKisu shi-te.”

Kisu shi-te
“Kiss me!”

How do you say “I want to kiss you” in Japanese

When you want to say, “I want to kiss you,” you will say, “キスしたい Kisu-shi-tai.”

“I want to kiss you!”

“キスしたい Kisu-shi-tai” is a conjugated form of the verb ‘キスする Kisu-suru,’ which means ‘to kiss’. If you pronounce it with a plain tone, it means “I want to kiss you”.

How do you say “Do you want to kiss?” in Japanese

If you want to ask “Do you want to kiss?” you can just raise the pitch at the end;

Kisu-shi-tai ? (raising the pitch of end)
“Do you want to kiss?”

How do you say “May I kiss you?” in Japanese

Japanese people are very polite. You may want to ask permission when you want to kiss someone. In Japanese, when asking permission the form is ‘a verb +てもいい? te-mo-i-i’. It is ending with double ‘i’, and ‘i-i’ is pronounced in two syllables (two vowels) or sometimes it sounds like a long vowel like ‘ea’ of ‘seat’.

Note: in Japanese pronunciation, ‘e’ is always the same sound ‘e’ of ‘pen’ or ‘ea’ of ‘dead.

Grammatically, you need to use the conjugation ‘te-form’ and add ‘mo-i-i’. I am not going to talk complicated grammar here though.

Kisu-shi-te-mo i-i?
“May I kiss you?”

I hope this post can help you with your Japanese partner.