I published another book in English: Weird Thoughts about Creativity

I’ve just published my third ebook in English on Amazon.

Since I started writing in English in 2019, I tried to write about as many topics as possible. I love to write about life, gardening, cooking, work, writing and so on. This book is a collection of the stories which I had written on Medium.

Most stories are personal essays based on my experience. It’s a collection of short stories, so you can start reading any episode that you think is interesting. Hopefully, you can enjoy some of my stories and even find a favourite one.


Section 1: Creativity
I wanted to be a Femme Fatale
Can you ‘save’ your creativity just like ‘saving water’?
The greatest creator in the world
Philosophy of Japanese Toilets
When a poet gets transformed into a beast
Sense of Colour
Can you Live without your Favourite Music?
The Beauty of Invisibleness
Section 2: Writing
The fetishism of the dictionary
When I First Met ‘Erotic Novels’
I live with multiple gadgets and devices, but I still love my notebook and pens
Writing about Eating Disorders
Writing Addiction
Section 3: Life and Death
A Looming City
Death of an online-business woman
A Cactus Thief
A Dead Tree in the Wood
My grandparents
Epilogue: A Button Snow
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