Writing poems may be a good approach when you start creative writing in a non-native language.

I have been writing in English, which is my second language, since the end of 2018. I first started blogging, but what I want to do is creative writing.

Creative writing in a second language is not easy, because writing in a second language is difficult already. Anyway, I tried to write what I could write and realised that writing poems is a good approach for creative writing in a non-native language, no matter which language it is.

You don’t have to write many words

Generally speaking, the number of words in a poem is relatively limited. Readers are not expecting a poem with 2000 words, I think. We can focus on the choice of words more than the volume of the words.

It also means that you can minimise your time for checking grammar and vocabulary, which might take you hours sometimes.

Isn’t it fantastic that you can minimise your time to worry about proper grammar at the same time you enhance the impact of your piece?

You can enjoy rhyme of the language

One of the beautiful things about poetry is rhyming. It is enjoyable to play with the words to find your rhyme. You will know why you like that language so much and love it more.

I believe that word choice and rhyming are essential in poetry.

Creative and free of expression

Poetry is 100 % creative world. Even when you commit some mistakes in terms of grammar or something, I could say, that might be a part of your creativity. I have already written a couple of poems on Medium, and I feel there is more space for free expression.

So, if you aim to write creative pieces in a language which is not your mother tongue, I strongly recommend composing poems first. It is much more creative and less frustrating.