Where should I write in 2020?

I love writing and I  can never stop thinking about what I am going to write next. Also, I always think about where I should write  — I mean to say, which platform I am going to post on.

There may be some writers who say that they don’t mind even if nobody reads their stories. However, I believe that most online writers want to get their stories read by someone.

When you hope to get a bigger audience, choosing the right platform on which to post is critical. Where I should write is also dependant on what I write.

Simply achieving reader numbers and getting people’s attention can mentally satisfy me as an online writer, but preferably, I also want my wallet to be satisfied a bit. Money is not everything, but it is an incentive and can be a motivation for continuing to write. So, where should I write?

I have been writing online for years, mainly in Japanese. I started writing for money and I wrote lots of articles which were aiming to get traffic from search engines. Now, I am kind of fed up with this type of writing, though I know that it can bring some money.

I can still write those kinds of articles, but I want to write more personal essays or creative pieces. SEO(search engine optimization) writing is so boring. It kills your creativity.

Having said that, I will sometimes write some articles which I can expect to get traffic from Google. I will post this type of article on my personal blogs and sites, no matter whether it is written in English or Japanese.

How about personal essays and diary-type blog posts?

I think I will post my personal essays in Japanese on Medium. When it comes to essays, diaries and poems in English, I am going to post them on my personal blog first, and then share on Medium.

My history of writing in English is not very long yet. I think I should just keep writing and always post in the same place: my personal blog.

On the other hand, I want to try a new thing for writing in Japanese. I am going to write my diary-type blog posts in Japanese on Patreon which is a platform to support creators because almost nobody blogs there in Japanese.

Blogging is so popular in Japan now. Lots of Japanese people start blogging to make a little money. I already got bored with the Japanese bloggers’ community, to be honest with you.

I want my blog posts to be read, but I also want to quietly write what I want to write at the same time. Therefore, I chose Patreon where nobody is there (I mean, Japanese bloggers). I’ll see what will happen after I have posted 100 stories there.

I know it is difficult to keep writing when nobody reads my posts. My project may sound masochistic, but I already started it. I think that I will not stop writing until I have posted the 100th story if I write about my plan and decision here.