The reasons why I don’t really use social media linked to phone numbers

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

No matter whether it’s linked with phone numbers or not, I don’t really like to use any kind of social media. Especially when they are linked to phone numbers.

The first reason is because I have changed my phone numbers so often. For me, a mobile phone number is not for making phone calls. I have a phone number now, but I only use it when I have to verify my Twitter accounts, Google accounts or something similar.

In fact, I borrow the phone number from my boyfriend sometimes, if it’s really necessary. I use his phone as if it’s my landline phone number. It’s easier for me to use his number because I never remember my phone number and because it’s a Japanese number which doesn’t work well here in Canada. In addition, I am not sure how long I will keep a phone number for.

Now that my boyfriend and I live in the countryside where the mobile signal is limited, online communication is enough for when we are talking with our friends.

There was even a period when I didn’t have a mobile phone number at all. However, I bought a cheap SIM two years ago mainly for account verification on Twitter and Google.

There are some social media linked to phone numbers, such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Clubhouse, etc.

I have accounts on each of them other than Clubhouse, but I’m not currently using any of them.

When it comes to LINE, which is one of the most popular social media platforms amongst Japanese people, since I got a new phone number I can’t use the account linked to the previous number, and I can’t get an account with the new number either. So, I’m still using my boyfriend’s LINE account, which is totally fine as I use it to contact my family in Japan. He never uses it anyway.

Another reason is because I don’t feel comfortable when I have to link an app to my contact list. I almost feel as if my phone is being invaded by an app. Even though I don’t have many contact numbers on my phone, I still feel like I will be naked to the app. Also, when I allow the app to connect to my contact lists, I don’t like the fact that people who have my phone number on their phone might be able to tell if I use the app or not.