What and who is blogging for?

Blogging is not working anymore, or at least, it doesn’t work as well as it used to. But, in Japan, there are still lots of people who start to try blogging.

It is clear that blogging is not as easy as before. Some top bloggers have already given up. They are shifting to other platforms such as YouTube.

I also am blogging less than before, in this blog ‘Blogger’ too. Recently I write on Medium more, both in English and Japanese. Then, I am wondering, should I stop blogging completely or keep doing anyway?

I read an article on Medium today. She said that blogging is a good way to expand your audience as a writer. She meant that you can keep blogging to connect your reader and to reach potential readers. Social media works in the same way, she wrote.

So, I think I still continue blogging. I blog as my journal and write something more than blogs on Medium, perhaps.