Are you brave enough to eat a poisonous fish?

Japanese traditional diet is based on fish and veggies. We have lots of vocabulary related to fish in everyday-conversation Japanese.  Although the price of fish is getting expensive for the last several decades, people love eating fish, including a poisonous fish called “Fugu”.

a Fugu, blowfish

a Fugu, blowfish

In English, it’s called blowfish or pufferfish. It is a one of most expensive fish in Japan, can be served as Sashimi (raw), in hotpot (“Nabe” in Japanese) or deep-fried, and its skin will be served thin-sliced as a kind of salad.

thin sliced Sashimi of Fugu called "Tessa"

thin sliced Sashimi of Fugu called “Tessa”

It is very tasty and meaty, but you have to be carefully preparing it because it has toxic in some parts. Fugu preparation is controlled by law in Japan, only qualified chefs to prepare it in restaurants. Domestic preparation is not recommended, we can buy prepared Fugu in a supermarket.

Hot-pot of Fugu, "Fugu-chiri"

Hot-pot of Fugu, “Fugu-chiri”

When I went back to Japan last time with my boyfriend, my parents bought a Fugu as one of a special meal for new year eve. After lunch on that day, my mother told us that we were going to eat Fugu tonight. I was very excited, but my boyfriend looked a little worried. It was the first time for him to eat poisonous fish.

thin sliced Figu skin is also delicious

thin sliced Figu skin is also delicious

In order to make him feel comfortable, I asked my mum if it was already prepared. She said, “Yes, of course. We bought it at a supermarket, and the poison is removed properly.” I was sure it was carefully done, my parents don’t want to die, either.

My talkative mother didn’t stop talking. She started to talk about my grandfather who died by the Figu toxic after it had been served by his wife.

dried fins put in hot Sake, "Hire-zake"

dried fins put in hot Sake, “Hire-zake”

My boyfriend was still a bit nervous about eating that fish, but it did taste delicious. We enjoyed its Sashimi, skin salad and hotpot. Next morning, we were very happy to find that everybody was still alive, and then we had happy new year days together.




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