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I published another book in English: Weird Thoughts about Creativity

I’ve just published my third ebook in English on Amazon. Since I started writing in English in 2019, I tried to writ...

“Sukiyaki (Japanese title: Ue wo muite arukou - 1962) by Kyu Sakamoto

One of the things that I have missed about Japan after moving outside of Japan in 2003 are Japanese songs. I don’t have ...

Language and Identity

Two days ago I received a comment on one of my Japanese blogs (not Medium) from a Japanese lady who has lived for more t...

How can we live after we lose the fear of death? — Love and Creativity

My mother in law lives in England. She is 89 and still in good shape. One of her best friends had a double knee replacem...

I had an Abortion in Quebec, Canada — the Difference from Japan

I recently had an abortion in Montreal, Canada. You may wonder why I have to write about this. People are not very open ...

Creative Writing Changed My Life

I started writing creative pieces in Japanese in 2018. Before that, I was working as a writer. I wrote lots of articles ...

An Individual Box – writing prompt: A Box

I didn't know who had bought it, but there was a book written by a famous Japanese actress on my bookshelf when I was li...

Writing poems may be a good approach when you start creative writing in a non-native language.

I have been writing in English, which is my second language, since the end of 2018. I first started blogging, but what I...

You need to be who you are as a writer

Do you remember the moment when you first yourself in the mirror? I think I remember that moment, although it might have...

When a poet gets transformed into a beast

This is one of my favourite fiction stories written in Japanese; ‘The Moon over the Mountain’ (Japanese title: 山月記Sanget...


We are lonely beings. If you have a partner, you may think that your love will last forever but the reality is that you ...

Where I came from and Where I am going

I was a child who spent lots of time daydreaming. My parent’s house was built in the middle of rice fields. It was a lit...

Ideal Self and Real Self

Some people don't like to look at themselves in a mirror, some people love to do it. Personally, I don't feel very comfo...
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