“Sukiyaki (Japanese title: Ue wo muite arukou - 1962) by Kyu Sakamoto

One of the things that I have missed about Japan after moving outside of Japan in 2003 are Japanese songs. I don’t have ...

Language and Identity

Two days ago I received a comment on one of my Japanese blogs (not Medium) from a Japanese lady who has lived for more t...

I got vaccinated in Quebec, Canada, but when will my parent’s vaccination happen in Japan?

My boyfriend and I went to get our Covid-19 vaccination yesterday. At noon of the day before yesterday, the Quebec gover...

A migrating bird — a poem

A migrating bird Crossed the sky with a sorrow voice Why are you so alone? Why do you sound so sad? An arrow-sha...

A road to the snake tree: a poem

Do you know the snake tree? It used to be the bottom of the river, which is dried out in every dry season. It will be...

This is how we flew back to Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic : Self-Isolation Day 2

The Quebec government require travellers returning from outside of Canada to self-isolate for 14 days after their arriva...

Things you can do to avoid infection from Covid-19 when you take flights

As I am writing this, more and more countries seem to start thinking about closing their borders. However, some people, ...

Things we can do not to get infected with coronavirus (COVID-19): writing from Japan

I came back to Japan at the end of February to see my family. Since I am a freelance writer, I’m sitting in the lounge o...

Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Japan: what’s happening now

I arrived in Japan on 27th Feb. 2019. I flew from Montreal, Canada, via Chicago, the U.S. The flight from Chicago to Tok...

Can my flight to Japan possibly be cancelled because of coronavirus?

I am going to Japan next week. At one point I had thought about cancelling my flight, but I am now thinking that I will ...

Coronavirus and Racism: Behind the Story

There is something that I didn't write in the previous story. When my mum called me for the second time about cor...

A frozen forest — a Haiku

A frozen forest, Only the hearts are warm of wild animals 氷の森 なお熱き野生の 心の臓

Coronavirus – Should I cancel my flight to Japan this month?

My flight is scheduled for the 26th of February 2020, and I am planning to stay in Japan with my family for three weeks....

What is Cryptocurrency?

"What is cryptocurrency?" "Do you really understand it?" One of our neighbours、"T" asked me the question the other d...

How can we live after we lose the fear of death? — Love and Creativity

My mother in law lives in England. She is 89 and still in good shape. One of her best friends had a double knee replacem...

Until what age are Japanese people going to work?

Since my parents live in the Kansai region of Japan, I use the Kansai International Airport or Osaka (Itami) Airport whe...

I had an Abortion in Quebec, Canada — the Difference from Japan

I recently had an abortion in Montreal, Canada. You may wonder why I have to write about this. People are not very open ...

snowshoes — a Haiku

snowshoes squeaky sound follows coyotes' trace ――― 雪靴を 鳴らしてたどる コヨーテの跡
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