How do you say “Good morning” in Japanese?

In Japanese, “Good morning” is “Ohayoo”, which I believe is not very difficult to remember. There are some other phrases, as well.

Today, I am talking about the Japanese greeting word used in the morning.

How do you say “Good morning” in Japanese?

The most commonly used Japanese word that means “good morning” is “おはよう ohayoo”.

“Ohayoo” is a very casual greeting and when you want to say politely, I recommend that you should say “おはようございます Ohayoogozaimasu”.

Afternoon and Evening Greetings

“おはよう ohayoo” and “おはようございます Ohayoogozaimasu” are normally used only in the morning.

When you meet someone at lunchtime, say “こんにちは konnichiwa”.

In the evening, say “こんばんは konbannwa”.

“おはよう ohayoo” in the night?

Interestingly, however, “おはようございます Ohayoogozaimasu” is sometimes used at night.

It is used as a greeting to start work, for example, by people who start work at night or in the night entertainment industry.

In a Japanese drama or film whose story is about a night shift such as a hospital or a nightclub, you may notice that people greet each other saying “おはようございます Ohayoogozaimasu” even at night when they start working.

It may be because the words “おはようございます Ohayoogozaimasu” is recognised as a greeting to start work which gives positive energy to people.