How do you say “I’m learning Japanese” in Japanese?

When you want to say “I am learning Japanese” in Japanese, you can say;

Nihongo wo benkyoo shiteimasu.

勉強しています (benkyoo shiteimasu) means “to be leaning”. The dictionary form of this verb is “勉強する (benkyoo suru)” which is a suru-verb. Let’s look at the conjugation of this verb.

Casual form:

  • 勉強する benkyoo suru: present tense
  • 勉強しない benkyoo shinai: negative present tense
  • 勉強した benkyoo shita: past tense
  • 勉強しなかった benkyoo shinakatta: negative past tense

Polite form:

  • 勉強します benkyoo shimasu: present tense
  • 勉強しません benkyoo shimasen: negative present tense
  • 勉強しました benkyoo shimashita: past tense
  • 勉強しませんでした benkyoo shimasendeshita: negative past tense

In Japanese, the object of a verb is usually placed before the verb. To make it clear that it is the object of the verb, you should also add “を wo” after the object in this case.

How do you say "I'm learning Japanese" in Japanese?

nihongo wo benkyoo suru

(I) learn Japanese.

Nihongo wo benkyoo shiteimasu.

I am learning Japanese.

Intaanetto de nihongo wo benkyoo shimasu.

I learn Japanese using the internet.

Daigaku de nihongo wo benkyoo shimashita.

I learnt Japanese at university.

Watashi wa nihongo wo benkyoo shitaidesu.

I want to learn Japanese.