How do you say “definitely” in Japanese?

Yesterday, we talked about how to say “maybe” in Japanese. Today, we are going to learn how to say “definitely”.

In Japanese, “definitely” is “zettai (ni)” which is a very strong word. Since Japanese people don’t like saying things directly, when they say “zettai (ni), you can definitely trust them.

“Zettai (ni)” doesn’t go well with “daroo” “deshoo” not like “tabun”, but it still could ne with “to omou (omoimasu)” which means “I definitely think so”.

Ashita wa zettai ame da.

It will definitely rain tomorrow.

Ashita wa zettai ame dato omou.

I think it will definitely rain tomorrow.

How do you say "definitely" in Japanese?

“Zettai (ni)” is also used when they promise.

Zettai, ikimasu.

I will definitely go.

In the negative sentences, “zettai” acts as “never” in English.

Zettai, chikoku shimasen.

I will never be late.

“Zettai” is used when they are 100 percent sure. If they are only 80 to 90 percent sure, they often say “kitto”.

Ashita wa kitto ame da.

It will probably rain tomorrow.

Ashita wa kitto ame daroo.

I think it will probably rain tomorrow.