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I seem to have earned on Brave, but my withdraw will be put on hold

The browser Brave was officially released recently. I started using Brave a few months ago and switched to it as my main...

A Looming City

I was waiting for a bus and it happened
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Somebody tipped me on my tweet though the browser ‘Brave.’

The other day, I mentioned the new browser ‘Brave’ in the article about the Canadian Internet connection. I also wrote a...

Travelling in Japan is not expensive.

I am a Japanese person who lives in Canada. I often go back to Japan to visit my family and friends. Surprisingly, there...
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Tumblr doesn’t Work with Google Adsense Anymore, How to monetise Tumblr blogs in 2020

Tumblr is a smart platform for blogging, but it is not very straightforward if you are seeking to make money from it. I ...
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Review of Brave browser: Rural Canadian internet speed can be really crap, so I tried using Brave

Our house is in a remote area in Quebec and we have a satellite internet connection which is crap. There is no cable int...
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“Cocoon” The best Free WordPress Theme I’ve ever used is made in Japan

Lots of bloggers love blogging on Wordpress (WP). It's easy to use and flexible for customising. There are many themes w...

What is the most powerful social media in Japan?

I started writing on Medium in March 2019. I also registered on Patreon a couple of months later. So far, I have been co...
Learn Japanese

What does ‘Emoiエモい’ mean?— its pronunciation and how to use it

I have lived outside of Japan for more than 10 years, so I am a slow learner of the Japanese newest words. I have to upd...

You need to be who you are as a writer

Do you remember the moment when you first yourself in the mirror? I think I remember that moment, although it might have...

When a poet gets transformed into a beast

This is one of my favourite fiction stories written in Japanese; ‘The Moon over the Mountain’ (Japanese title: 山月記Sanget...

Sleeping in trains

I read an article about Japan which said that Japanese people don’t have enough sleep compared with other countries.

I’m Japanese, but I don’t like Manga.

Manga, which is called ‘cartoon book’ or ‘comic’ too, is one of the most popular Japanese cultures. I am proud of it as ...

Can Poets survive on Medium?

Medium changed their system for calculating writer-earnings on 28th Oct. 2019, and the new system doesn't seem to work v...

Fireplace #1 暖炉の火— a Haiku

red flame never shapes the same ungrabbable 暖炉の火 同じ姿は 二度となく

Where is My Creativity Coming From?

Every day, every week, every month, Plenty of things come and go, passing me by. The sight I see, the sound I hear, the ...

Blue Stories

“C’était bleu. Complètement bleu.” said the French guy, after he had swum with the dolphins. As soon as he had seen a bi...
Learn Japanese

Trading Kanji and Language History between China and Japan

We, Japanese people, share the symbolic characters called ‘Kanji’ (‘Hanzi’ in Mandarin) with Chinese people. Children ev...