Review of Brave browser: Rural Canadian internet speed can be really crap, so I tried using Brave

Our house is in a remote area in Quebec and we have a satellite internet connection which is crap. There is no cable internet coverage in this area! Unfortunately, there is only one satellite company available which can provide internet to our house.

We have the satellite on the roof and we can connect to the internet through a wifi router. The connection is so poor that the Amazon Fire TV stick which we bought last month doesn’t work.

The connection is terribly weak and the internet is often interrupted, for example;

  • when an aeroplane passes over our house,
  • when we use the microwave,
  • when it rains heavily,
  • when my boyfriend uses a trimmer,
  • even when we open the iron door of the stove in winter.

You may think I am joking, but I am quite serious.

We also have severe snowstorms sometimes and it can cause a power cut, which is another thing, but we cannot blame the internet companies on that!

We have had the satellite here for five years and the connection is getting a tiny bit better (I am being generous). Our internet connection feels really primitive! After we tried a couple of things to make it more stable, we concluded that the best solution is to just be patient.

I recently read about a new browser called “Brave.” I know it has controversial issues. Anyway, I started using it.

Before that, I used to mainly use Google Chrome as a browser, both with my laptop and mobile(cellphone). It was fast at the beginning, but now I find that it is not fast enough.

Brave is a browser which can block unwanted ads by default so that it can load major news sites 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome/Safari on mobile and two times faster than Chrome on desktop.

It is really fast and smooth and I am happy to be able to save my time when I am browsing because of the unnecessary ads. We all are fed up with advertisements no matter it’s a pop-up ad or native ad. Life is short and you don’t want to waste your time with those ads, especially when you have a crappy connection, do you?

Now that I use Brave with my laptop and mobile I can watch YouTube movies without any advertisement (so far), which only makes you wait for several seconds before being able to skip them.

Of course, Brave is not perfect. Some websites are not shown properly unless you allow the ads to be shown. However, it is currently the best option for me to browse. I am waiting for rural internet infrastructure to improve in Canada. Until then, I will enjoy my browsing with Brave.