Writing poems may be a good approach when you start creative writing in a non-native language.

I have been writing in English, which is my second language, since the end of 2018. I first started blogging, but what I...

You can’t sing

You can't hear because you close your ears the voice is floating in the air even the music is released, already Yo...

Writing Addiction and Writer’s high

I recently had a depression and I thought that I was going to quit writing even though I had never stopped thinking abou...

You need to be who you are as a writer

Do you remember the moment when you first yourself in the mirror? I think I remember that moment, although it might have...

When a poet gets transformed into a beast

his is one of my favourite fiction stories written in Japanese; ‘The Moon over the Mountain’ (Japanese title: 山月記Sangets...

Once, I wanted to be a weaver

Once, I wanted to be a weaver. A weaver weaves their time, between warp and woof, spins the thread, dyes it t...

Can Poets survive on Medium?

Medium changed their system for calculating writer-earnings on 28th Oct. 2019, and the new system doesn't seem to work v...

The fetishism of the dictionary

A famous actress, Julia Roberts, once has said in her interview, “I love the moment when somebody says something very pr...

Writing a Poem

No word on the screen of my computer at the desk, trying to pull my words from the well of fantasy.

I Self-Published my First English Book

I have self-published some books in Japanese before, but this is the first time to publish a book in English. I am so ha...
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