Haiku & Tanka Practice: My First English Book self-published

I have self-published some books in Japanese before, but this is the first time to publish a book in English. I am so happy to achieve this!

I started blogging and writing in Japanese in 2014 as a free-lancer but I didn’t write any articles in English until last year. Though my English writing was not so good, I suddenly had the idea of becoming an English writer.

Why I am writing in English, even though it’s not my native language
English is not my first language. I was born in Japan and I grew up in Japan. My parents are Japanese and they don'

Then, I chose Medium as a platform to practise my English writing as a second language.

Now, I feel that I can write more easily in English and I hope my progress won’t stop. I want to self-publish more books in Japanese and English.

Book writing is not the same as blog writing or article writing. My English book that I published this time was based on the stories which I had posted on Medium. I collected the stories and edited them, revised them into the book, then published it.

The final revision was done when I was staying in China.

I had to stay 20 hours in China without any internet connection. I didn’t have anything to do but writing, so I just sat with my laptop and quietly worked with my book.

Haiku and Tanka Practice_300

I like writing and book writing is also fun. However, publishing books and selling books are two different things.

I don’t have many English audiences yet and this is just the beginning as an English author.

the book is available on Amazon

I think we live in a bright world where you can publish your books so easily. I hope that I can enjoy more and more writing in English in the near future.