A romantic Tanka by the 75th Japanese Emperor: Se wo hayami Iwani sekaruru…

瀬を早み 岩にせかるる 滝川の われても末に 逢はむとぞ思ふ
Se wo hayami Iwa ni sekaruru Takigawa no Waretemo sueni Awamutozo omou

swift on the rock
apart into two streams
rapid waterfall
eventually reunite
I hope about us too

by 崇徳院 (Sutokuin 1119-1164)

Se wo hayami Iwani sekaruru.

Meaning: Just as the water of a swiftly flowing river, when it hits a rock and separates into two, but becomes one again. I hope to see you again one day, even though we are now separated.

Sutokuin was the 75th Emperor of Japan (reigned: 25 February 1123 to 5 January 1142), but his life was not easy. He was exiled to Awaji Island after losing a political battle and died having a grudge that he could not return to the capital.

This is an intense yet romantic Tanka that compares the water of the river to the reunion of two people.

Since the pandemic happened, it has been difficult not to be able to see their family or friends. However, like water in a river, we may be parted for now, but there will come a day when we will be reunited with our loved ones, just as broken water is re-mixed. It’s just a matter of time.