Daily Japanese is coming soon!

I’m going to launch Daily Japanese from my publication to help beginners of learning Japanese. 

It will start on the 1st of October 2021, and I am going to publish short posts five days a week at least, including a Japanese phrase or words, ‘Today’s Alphabet’ and ‘Today’s Kanji’. 

I aim to post the same alphabets and kanji characters repeatedly because I believe that will help you memorise them firmly. 

Even if you are not a real beginner anymore the posts could help you to brush up on your Japanese.

The whole content will be published as a part of “Learn Japanese at Japanesque Cafe” on Substack. If you subscribe to it (early bird discount is available at this moment), you can enjoy the full content including weekly Japanese reading. 

I will publish free posts of Daily Japanese once a week and free posts of reading Japanese once a month. Also, I am going to share some of the posts in Medium. If you are a paid member of Medium, you will enjoy approximately one-third of my content for learning Japanese. To receive the notification of my new posts, please subscribe to my mailing list on Medium, noting that you will receive my posts written in Japanese as well. 

After I have published a certain number of posts, I am going to edit them and publish an ebook on Amazon. You will be informed when I publish it if you follow me on Amazon

I am super excited about launching this new project and hoping more and more people join my publication to improve their Japanese.  Please share widely with your friends!


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