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I am a Japanese writer who lives in Quebec, Canada. I am writing stories in English and Japanese. This is my weekly newsletter about learning Japanese as a foreign language.

I’m not a professional Japanese teacher although I have some experience of teaching basic Japanese to non-native speakers of Japanese when I was working for a Japanese company in Hong Kong. However, I love learning languages: Japanese is my primary language and now English is my second language. I was fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese when I was in China (Mainland) and Hong Kong, though I don’t have many opportunities to practice them right now. Also, I can understand a little Spanish and some French.

I have a passion for writing and talking about my language, my culture and my curiosity. Therefore, I decided to publish this newsletter to share my insights on Japanese culture and tips on how to learn authentic Japanese.

My emails will contain different sections;

  • Japanese text – mainly excerpts from my short stories or blogs, travelogues, poems, and fiction. There are three versions such as “authentic (including Kanji)”, Hiragana only and “pronunciations (with Roman alphabet ‘Roma-ji’)
  • English translation
  • Pick up for Beginners: the easiest tips for beginners about Japanese grammar or vocabulary
  • Vocabulary
  • and Others

If you have any questions related to content please send them to me by directly writing back to my mails. I will respond as soon as possible!


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