How do you say “Delicious” in Japanese?

In Japanese, “delicious” is “oishii”. It’s an i-adjective. Here is the conjugation.

  • おいしい(です) oishii (desu)
  • おいしくない(です) oishikunai (desu)
  • おいしかった(です) oishikatta (desu)
  • おいしくなかった(です) oishikunakatta (desu)

You can use this word for food and drinks.

How do you say "delicious" in Japanese?

Kono aisukuriimu oishii.

This ice cream is delicious.

Nihon no biiru wa oishii desu ka.

Is Japanese beer delicious?

“Oishii” is sometimes used as slang, for situations or jobs, meaning “easy and profitable or advantageous”.

座ってるだけで、一日一万円? おいしい仕事だね。
Suwatteru dakede ichinichi ichiman yen? Oishii shigoto dane.

You just need to be sitting there and can earn 10,000 yen a day. It’s a nice job.

Sonna oishii hanashi ga aru wakenai. Damasarenai youni.

It’s too good to be true. Don’t take it seriously, otherwise you could be cheated.