A Dead Tree in the Wood

In spite of the beautiful weather, there was a thunder-like noise cracking in the air. It was only a single sound, and then the silence came back. I opened my ears, but I couldn’t hear anything else. I didn’t understand what happened until I went for a walk in the woods.

There was a big old tree which leaned between the young trees around it. It was dead, its trunk was rotten and all black. It must have been dead a long time, yet still managing to keep upright. Finally, it gave up, though it is not allowed to lie horizontally on the ground.

Most of the time, trees are quiet and say nothing, don’t make any complaints, only occasionally rustle their leaves. So, we almost forget that they are also alive, breathing, and ageing.

I used to be in the middle of all kinds of city-noise and neon lights, just until 5 years ago. My life has been changed, and now I am living surrounded by nature.
There is a big pine tree in my garden. I suppose he could be 300 years old or more. When I touch his rough skin, I can feel the water going up in his body from the earth. He must have an internal clock as well as I do. His clock gene knows his length of life. He is going to die sooner or later, and so am I.

Some people believe in reincarnation. Did ancient people know that our lives are circulating in nature before the ecosystem was discovered? They might have been inspired by watching the leaves decomposed into the soil.

He and I are going to vanish one day. But it is not so bad if you think that we are going to be transformed into something else, where a new life possibly will be born.

Somebody is not yet allowed to be down to the earth even it is dead for a while. It has to lean on neighbours to be supported, and cannot be taken apart. Amongst the vivid green youth, it has to continue to show its ugly body, trying to fade out in the air and getting dry from inside, never suck the water anymore.


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