My favourite photo on the wall

My favourite photo on the wall which makes me smile every time I look up at it, where we never get old anymore. ...

A night in “Insomnia”

If cannot sleep, Go to "insomnia" which is in the middle of the slope. He will ask, What do you wanna drink? I will...

A winter draft – a Haiku

A winter draft Shakes window glasses Shining snow すきま風 ゆらして鳴る戸 雪あかり

insomnia snow不眠の雪 – a Tanka Poem

silent night counting my solitude quiet and busy over the windowsill piling up insomnia snow しんしんと 更ける夜半に 目を覚...
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How to say ‘See you again’ or ‘Goodbye’ in Japanese? and What does ‘Sayonara’ mean?

In some Japanese phrasebooks “Sayonara” is introduced as ‘Good-bye’. It is not wrong, but Sayonara is not really an ever...
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How do you say ‘Sorry I don’t understand Japanese’ in Japanese?

There are not many Japanese people who can speak English in Japan. So when you are in Japan, you are likely to be talked...
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What does ‘Sugoi すごい’ mean?— Pronunciation and How to Use it

‘Sugoi すごい’ is another killer Japanese word which is used in everyday conversation. Its meaning can be quite varied, and...
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How do you say ‘Thank You’ in Japanese? — Meaning of ‘Arigatouありがとう’ and Pronunciation

You may have heard of this phrase, ‘ありがとうArigatou’ which means “Thank you”. It is one of the most important phrases.
Blogging and Marketing

Why should we try Audio Content as an Online Marketer and how to create and provide your audio content

I have been blogging for years in Japanese, which is my primary language. Japanese is not the major language in the Inte...
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How do you say ‘I want to kiss you’ in Japanese?

I am not sure how often you have to get verbal permission to kiss somebody, but it is good to remember this phrase.
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What does ‘Onegaishimasu おねがいします’ mean?— when do we use it?

We talked about ‘おねがいします Onegaishimasu’ last time with it meaning ‘please’, but its meanings are not only ‘please’. T...

A library

a pond of imagination the silence of paging the smell of ink.
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What is the difference amongst 3 styles of Kanji, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese?

The world of Kanji is profound and distinctive as symbolic characters. That may be a reason why you are interested in le...
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What does ‘Chottoちょっと’ mean?— Pronunciation and How to Use it

‘Chottoちょっと’ is one of the strangest Japanese words. You must remember it because Japanese people use it every day and i...
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What does ‘Daijoubuだいじょうぶ’ mean? — Pronunciation and How to Use it

A couple of months ago I watched a TV series called “Tin Star” on Amazon Prime. It is a British-Canadian crime drama wit...

Creative Writing Changed My Life

I started writing creative pieces in Japanese in 2018. Before that, I was working as a writer. I wrote lots of articles ...
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How do you say ‘Please’ in Japanese? — Meaning of ‘Onegaishimasu’ and Pronunciation

Japanese people are very polite, so when you want to ask or order something, you may want to say, “(something), please”....

Learning Languages: Can you Write What you are capable to Read?

I love learning languages and I have tried learning many languages. No matter which language it is, learning it can be ...
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